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Every Government office, embassy and building of parliament fly's a flag from at least one flag pole. This flag pole is usually the focal point of the building and a place to hold official outdoor ceremony's. When flying a national, state or other official flags, correct protocol is extremely important to get right.

Our team can advise you on the correct protocol for your flag pole and can recommend the correct height and type of flag pole for your site.

ACE flag poles
ACE flag poles


A flag pole is a structure that you will use for decades. It needs to be strong and reliable to withstand the strain of a flag flying for many years. Ensure you choose a professional company to manufacture and install your flag pole and never install a flag pole that is not manufactured to Australian standards.

ACE has perfected the art of making flag poles over decades and guarantees our products in writing. Contact us now for expert advice.


The Australian community holds our national days and days of remembrance as some of the most important dates in the year. We take pride in displaying our national flag during these ceremonies and importance must be placed on correct flag etiquette during ceremonial flag raising and lowering.

We can assist in the planning and design of your ceremonial site so contact ACE for expert advice on the correct way to position your ceremonial flag poles.

ACE flag poles
ACE flag poles


One of the simplest ways to enhance your streetscape or open space is to add a group or row of commercial flag poles. Commercial flag poles are designed to fly vertical banners or horizontal flags and are fitted with anti-vandalism rope systems, to suit public areas.

With advertising that works for you 24 hours a day and an elegant and colourful visual appeal, flag poles are one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to brighten your space. Contact ACE for advice on commercial flag poles.


When installing a flag pole at home, you need to consider the impact a flag pole will have on your house from the street, your neighbours, passing traffic and of course your local council.

You must have space to locate your flag pole away from power lines, trees or any other above and below ground hazards, like gas or water mains. You also want to ensure your new flag pole is not going to visually impede your neighbours view or be a distraction to passing traffic.

When placed correctly, a flag pole can add enormous street appeal to a home and add value! ACE has a range of flag poles designed specifically for your home, with easy to plumb spigot bases that are simply removed if you move house and want to take your flag pole with you.


ACE flag poles