Raising Flags Across the Nation!

Ace Flagpoles

The Pioneer Range

The Pioneer Range is usually used as single flag application and comes in a variety of heights from 6 metres to 12 metres.

Many schools, shopping centres, hotels and government departments choose to install the Pioneer Flagpole for its ease of use and classic styling - flags can be raised and lowered with little effort.

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The 4 Seasons Hotel has 'Pioneer Range' Ace Flagpoles which creates an impact at the entrance.
Wall mounted flagpoles are useful for decorative purposes and in high wind areas

Wall Mounted Flagpoles

This design is based on the Pioneer Flagpole with specially manufactured wall-mounting brackets for installation onto buildings, retaining walls and other vertical surfaces.

Ace Flagpoles wall-mounted flagpoles are used for entrances, facias and displays above roof level.

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Windjammer Flagpoles

The nautical flavour of the windjammer range derives its origins from the tall sailing ships.

Yardarms and gaffs were essential parts to these massive rigs with their acres of canvas. Their use on modern flagpoles is a pleasant reminder of the classical days of the square rigger and a practical and visually appealing method of flying multiple flags.

The windjammer has a specially designed, aesthetically pleasing tabernacle base.

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The new "windjammer" - peace of mind in all weather by Ace Flagpoles and Spars
Banner Poles brighten street appeal

Banner Poles

When organising your next major event, consider erecting banner poles.

These provide excellent exposure to the surrounding area. The fixed arm houses our innovative designed rotating mechanism which allows viewing even when the wind slackens.

The poles are ideal for hanging advertising and promotional banners. Elegantly designed, the poles can be painted any colour and the anodised, polished, silver bullet cap contrasts with the pole colour and finishes the overall look superbly.

Garden Master

The Garden Master is a 6 metre flagpole specifically designed for the residential location. Show your national pride by flying your national flag!

Support your favourite sporting team or even design your own family flag.


Ace Flagpoles has a flagpole to suit you and we sell direct to the public from West Gosford on the NSW Central Coast.

A garden flagpole can inspire national pride for its owner and those who admire it.