Raising Flags Across the Nation!

Technical Data

Ace Flagpoles complies with all relevant Australian standards.

The flagpole design for each job is computer analysed to ensure structural integrity for the expected wind conditions and other special customer requirements such as large flags or pole diameter constraints.

Our aluminium flagpoles are tapered by our in-house designed and built spin-tapering machine. This remarkably engineered machine is capable of tapering tubes from approximately 50 to 220mm diameter over lengths of up to 9 metres.

Sections can be sleeved together where longer lengths are required. The computer control allows almost any taper profile to around 50% of original tube diameter to be performed.

The applications are many - from light poles, specialised pillars, sculptures, furniture, indeed anything involving tubular aluminium.

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Exposed headlands are liable to unpredictable wind and weather. Ace Flagpoles are computer analysed to ensure their safety.